Useful Information

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions. We hope you'll find these useful but please call us on 01869 233777 to discuss specific requirements.

What size are the containers?
5ft x 6ft x 7ft and holds 250 cu ft of goods

How much a week are the containers?
£13 + VAT (unless otherwise agreed with surveyor/Jamie).

How do we work out a monthly storage charge?
Price per container per week ÷ 7 (to give daily rate) x no of containers x 365 (to give an annual price) ÷ 12 (to give monthly price)

i.e.  5 containers @ £13 per week: Monthly charge will be 13 ÷ 7 (1.86) x 5 (9.30) x 365 (3394.50) ÷ 12 = £282.88 + VAT per calendar month.

If storage is payable in advance, what happens if I have my goods out mid-month?
Any unused storage will be either refunded, or off-set against delivery out of store charges.

Can I access my storage when I want to?
Storage can be accessed with a minimum of 48 hours’ notice to the office.  A charge of £15 + VAT will be levied against each container prepared for access. 

A further charge will be made if porter assistance is required (£20 + VAT per hour, minimum 1 hr).

How do I pay for my storage?
You will be sent a Standing Order Mandate and a Continuous Card payment authority form when you come into store.  You will need to complete one of these forms and return it to the office to initiate payment.