Useful Information

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions. We hope you'll find these useful but please call us on 01869 233777 to discuss specific requirements.

What size are the containers?
5ft x 6ft x 7ft and holds 250 cu ft of goods

How much a week are the containers?
To be confirmed with our Surveyor

How do we work out a monthly storage charge?
Price per container per week ÷ 7 (to give daily rate) x no of containers x 365 (to give an annual price) ÷ 12 (to give monthly price)

Working example:  5 containers @ £13 per week: Monthly charge will be 13 ÷ 7 (1.86) x 5 (9.30) x 365 (3394.50) ÷ 12 = £282.88 + VAT per calendar month.

If storage is payable in advance, what happens if I have my goods out mid-month?
Any unused storage will be either refunded, or off-set against delivery out of store charges.

Can I access my storage when I want to?
Storage can be accessed with a minimum of 48 hours’ notice to the office.  A charge of £15 + VAT will be levied against each container prepared for access. 

A further charge will be made if porter assistance is required (£20 + VAT per hour, minimum 1 hr).

How do I pay for my storage?
We will collect all payments for storage via Worldpay Future Pay.

Upon acceptance of our storage terms and conditions we will send a link via email for you to enter your preferred card details. We will not have access to your card information at any time.

Payments will be collected on the 1st of every month or the nearest working day and will continue until further notice.

A new payment instruction will be sent out if your regular storage charge changes.

To cancel this arrangement, please email giving a minimum of five working days’ notice.

Please note; accepting Future Pay is a condition of being in store with us unless otherwise expressly agreed with a Director of the company, therefore cancellation will only be accepted under extenuating conditions.

We will cancel any Future Pay instructions automatically once your items are taken out of store.

Payment for additional services will not be collected on Future Pay, we will send a separate link for one-off payments or payment can be made by bank transfer.